Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

by Oscar Cainer
Libra, Saturday, 16 June 2018

Your Week Ahead: Don't work harder, work smarter. Too many people go through life throwing everything and anything at the world with little to show for their efforts. Rather than rushing headfirst into this Solstice week, you'll make greater advances if you carefully analyse what you need to achieve. As Venus and Mars align, your enthusiasm will only get you so far. It's time to think rationally as well as emotionally. If you recognise the root of your powerful feelings, and act accordingly, you'll be amazed by all you can accomplish.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Everyone's a critic. It's many people's favourite pastime. Whilst some offer brazen critiques, most prefer a quiet word behind someone's back. But even that's not foolproof. We might not hear what they're saying but we pick up on glances, dismissive motions and bored tones. Don't let someone's nastiness defeat you. The Solstice is a turning point, a decisive time for many, but Librans just need to take stock for a while longer. The time to act is not quite yet. This week, you don't need to prove yourself to anyone but yourself.

Twice a year the Sun appears to 'stand still' for three days. The ancients saw the Solstice as an important and awe-inspiring moment... and so should you! So, to help you seize the power of the Solstice and attain your greatest goals I'm offering you a special Solstice 25% Discount on a full birth-chart reading.

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