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Your Year Ahead 2018

Your 2018 General, Money and Love Forecasts.

Your General Forecast
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In 2018, Uranus, the bringer of change and upheaval moves into the part of the sky it last occupied between 1935 and 1942. Once again, we find ourselves in a period of economic uncertainty and some political instability. But this time the planet of upheaval is being influenced by Jupiter, planet of hope and good fortune. So, although there will be dramatic changes, which will rattle our outmoded systems, there will also be opportunities for meaningful and lasting transformation.

Like many of us who start the year recovering after celebrating the night before, Uranus, the great revolutionary, begins 2018 quietly. Since August, it has been retreating through the skies, and as we enter the New Year it appears stationary in the cosmos before setting off on its forward journey towards a new celestial home in Taurus - which it enters in May. Uranus has been in the Aries sector of the sky since 2011 and has influenced the technological changes that have swept across the world. The 'new' and the 'exciting' have been prioritised over the 'safe' and the 'comforting'. Opinions have polarised, and individual wellbeing has seemed more important than community wellbeing.

In astrology, Uranus is associated with Prometheus - the Titan who stole fire from the old gods and gifted it to mankind. He risked their anger and disapproval to bring innovation, revolution and progress. But we needn't fear the wrath of the Gods this time! In 2018, Jupiter, the king of the ancient deities is in a forgiving mood as he returns to his throne in his celestial home. It will be a triumphal homecoming - bringing optimism, wisdom and enlightenment. I believe this moment heralds breakthrough, not breakdown. And we'll feel these qualities bubbling beneath the surface as the planet of luck makes harmonious links to both Neptune and Pluto on its journey throughout the year.

2018 finds Jupiter and Saturn simultaneously at the peak of their powers for the first time since 1959. And we have to look back to 1521 to find the last time Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune were all traversing the signs that they rule. It was the Renaissance, a time of rebirth. Michelangelo was at his peak and human thinking was changing. Appreciation of art, knowledge and beauty were transforming our world.

So will 2018 bring a return to the optimism, freedom and excitement of the 1960s? Or even the uplifting transformation of the Renaissance? Well, change is the feature of the year - and there is real reason to believe that it can be positive. But, as Uranus heads into Taurus the changes are likely to be more physical than ethereal. We may develop new tastes and pastimes and we'll find options to influence situations that have seemed inflexible. The way that we feed ourselves, and the rest of the planet, may undergo a transformation as we discover technologies to create new food. Jupiter's adventurous spirit and generosity, allied with Neptune's vision and sensitivity, will create a wave of positivity and strength that can enable us to live our lives with more awareness and balance. 2018 looks likely to be a memorable year. It holds the potential for making significant progress towards building a more caring and creative world.

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Your Money Forecast
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When Uranus - the planet of unexpected change moves into Taurus in May 2018, it will be the first time it has had a new home for seven years. Taurus governs our enjoyment of the material world, wealth and success, so when Uranus arrives there we can expect surprises, both financial and material, of both a personal and worldly nature. Since Uranus likes to shock, and bring the very opposite of stability, predictability and safety, there will be changes that challenge both the world's financial systems, and our current personal practices regarding money.

As well as Uranus' innovative influence, 2018 sees the long-awaited return of Jupiter to its own sign, Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and luck. As the two planetary energies combine, the progress that Uranus inspires can be harnessed to promote economic growth and a healthier distribution of planet Earth's wealth. We're entering unknown and exciting territory. But with Saturn in his celestial home in Capricorn, there won't be many free lunches on the horizon! If we want to reap the celestial promise of material rewards, we'll need to put our energy into solid work and effort.

So, 2018 holds the potential for an exciting breakthrough in the world's financial situation. With Saturn's help we can keep our feet on the ground, while allowing the ingenuity of Uranus to expand our expectations and innovate our ideas. With lucky Jupiter's energy, we all stand a very good chance of feeling more abundant and wealthier this year - in surprisingly different ways.

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Your Love Forecast
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Over the course of 2018 Jupiter, the planet of luck moves across the heavens forming important angles to the slow moving outer planets, before eventually arriving in it's celestial home. Known as the King of the Gods, Jupiter's influence is powerful and, at times this year dramatic. Though it will weave its magic into all our lives, that's not to say that our relationships will all be smoothed over so that they continue, in the same old way. There are significant celestial events that suggest that 2018 is not a year for pushing challenging situations under the carpet and carrying on as usual.

In May, as Uranus changes signs for the first time in seven years, we must expect the unexpected, prepare for surprising developments and be ready for electrifying change. If you're stuck in an unsatisfactory relationship, this may be the message you long to hear. But what if everything is ticking along nicely? Could Uranus be the cause of an infamous 7 year itch?

When Uranus enters Taurus, in May, it will affect our physical tastes and pleasures. It will energise our enjoyment of earthly pleasures, and bring excitement and adventure into our relationships. We may discover there's more to our feelings than we thought, or that what we thought we liked is nothing compared to a newly discovered sensation. Uranus is unorthodox and empowering, and it will encourage us to reassess our habitudes. If you're stuck in a rut, here comes the energy to change it. Which doesn't mean that a good relationship needs to end - rather, that it brings the potential for it to be reinvigorated.

At the same time that the great change-maker works his magic, practical, stoical Saturn brings stability. As he traverses his own sign for the first time in nearly thirty years, his influence suggests that, although this is a time of change, relationships don't need to fall apart. Saturn's renewed strength gives us the ability not only to define what's important to our emotional wellbeing, but it enables us to protect it. Saturn guards the protective boundaries around our emotions, and his stable presence ensures that change doesn't happen for change's sake. He provides helpful structure and reassuring stability.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, the planet of hope, inspiration and adventure grows stronger day by day. Throughout the year, as it links to Pluto and Neptune, it encourages us to explore our desires, and have faith in our dreams. We'll be ready to rise to challenges, confident that whatever lies beneath the waves of emotion, we'll be able to ride the tide and surf the breakers. Jupiter's nature is optimistic and generous, so the year will be filled with free-spirited good fun too. As 2018 comes to a close, we may be astonished by the emotional journey we've travelled. Our relationships will have changed - but for the better.

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