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- 17 October 2023

Daily Illustration
Moon Phases...
Full 28th Oct in Taurus
New 13th Nov in Scorpio
Full 27th Nov in Gemini

Giant Sandwich Fail!

Many years ago today, an attempt to create the world's largest sandwich failed: people started to eat it before it could be measured! Maybe they should have changed their claim and gone for the world's largest picnic! Just because we don't achieve what we set out to achieve doesn't mean we don't attain other successes along the way. The legacy of the Solar Eclipse gifts us with creativity and inspiration. By making small adjustments, we can take steps that will improve our world in ways we can share.

What are you waiting for? What do you hope will one day come into your life and 'change everything'. Why do you sense this is possible? What can you do to hasten the process of positive transformation that you yearn for so deeply? The answers are all in your full personal birth chart, calculated from your exact date, place and time (if known) of birth. Stop waiting. Bring tomorrow's promise into your life today. For a full personal reading that could change your life forever, click here.

New. Oscar and Jemima Cainer's The 'Trail of Fire' Eclipse Horoscope for Your Sign and your Weekly Moon Sign Forecasts starting 15th October

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